Sometimes nothing comes to mind

Somebody asked today if this scribe has blogged about Ferguson.   No, I said.  I started something last week but the direction it wanted to go disappeared into a fog.

Sometimes when irrationality reigns, rationality struggles to find solid ground.  Sometimes when numerous agendas are screamed, quiet discussion becomes more desperately needed and more difficult to achieve.

A friend raised an important question today after all the marching, sign-waving, yelling, tear gassing, shooting—-and more.  What do we know?

What we are pretty sure we know is that a white Ferguson policeman shot an 18-year old African-American man to death.

There has been a lot of assuming since then.  There has been a lot of blaming since then.  A lot of threatening. A lot of analysis and speculation has helped fill the 24-hour news cycle.

And what has it purchased?

What good has it done?

A white policeman shot an 18-year old African-American man to death.

We could write more, we suppose, but it would amount to nothing more helpful to discovering the truth than the slogans and demands shouted after dark on a street in Ferguson have helped discover it.

Nothing else comes to mind.

So now we have written about Ferguson

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