More bombast, blather, and battering

Don’t you just love those robo calls from Presidents and others urging you to vote for this or that candidate in November? Aren’t you fascinated by the bombast, blather, and battering your intelligence takes from commercial after commercial for this or that candidate or issue, paid for by some vaguely-named group that was set up so you wouldn’t know who’s trying to buy your opinion? Don’t you live for the weeks between early August and early November when candidate A proclaims his status as a future saint but claims candidate B is Lucifer’s best buddy?
Good Golly, Miss Molly, you’re could be getting even more!
A bill headed to the Missouri House for debate would move the statewide primary election back to early June. If this issue becomes law, voters would have less time to decide which candidate to vote for in the primary but they would “enjoy” more time before the November election to be assaulted by all of the campaign elements that we love.
And the nice thing is that our elected legislators see no similar urgency to approve any laws that in any way restrict the amount of money that can be spent to make sure all of us get full enjoyment of those extra two months of campaigning.
One argument for the longer general election campaign is that it will give voters more time to really get to know the candidates. Given the Gallup Poll ratings released in December on public confidence on the honesty and ethics of various professions, it appears the voters think they already know enough about politicians. Of the 22 professions on the Gallup list, the six with the lowest rankings are: TV reporters, Advertising practitioners, State officeholders, Car salespeople, Members of Congress, and Lobbyists. Other than car salespeople, all of the others are important players in the business of getting the public to know candidates better or being candidates. Good luck on giving this Gang of Eight (well, Gang of Seven of Eight) two more months to improve public confidence in each other. Car dealers are the ones that don’t belong with the others as far as the political processis concerned.
Far be it from us to be critical of these actions, however. It is only fair that we disclose that the Missourinet usually makes a tidy pile of cash from political advertising and two more months of bombast, blather and battering will be great for the company bottom line. We know where the butter comes from on our bread. And under federal regulations, we have to accept rancid butter along with the butter mixed with honey. We do have a policy that the peddlers of the butter can only buy commercial time in our newscasts. The content of the newscast is not for sale. But our company will take the advertisers’ money with a smile because we know that this change is part of the political system that the voting public is demanding.
The public IS demanding this change.
Isn’t it?

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  1. Oh, Bob! We’ve enjoyed this and the “Methodists”/”Baptists” blogs so much! Keep up the good work of education and entertainment!!!!!

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