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The Missouri Organization of Corporate Knicknacks (MOCK) has announced its agenda for the Missouri General Assembly in 2013.

“We believe we should be granted cuts in our income taxes,” said Nicholas Nax, President and CEO.  “By letting us keep more of our taxes we would be able to create jobs someday that might generate more income taxes at some undefined period that could offset the taxes the state does not collect from us now. The legislation also would let our members in Caruthersville, Rolla, Linn, Palmyra, and Kahoka compete more directly with Kansas, which recently cut its income tax for businesses enough  to create a $295 million shortfall for the Kansas legislature to deal with this year.”

Nax, a graduate of Kansas State University, believes it is important for Missouri to allow Kansas to determine Missouri’s economic policy.  Before becoming President and CEO of MOCK, Nax was the owner of Amalgamated Buggy Whip Corporation. He closed the business because of excessive taxation and assumed leadership of MOCK because, “its philosophy speaks for small business people like me who only want to make good, affordable, products for Missourians.”

“As good business people, we believe in creating jobs with the money we are allowed to keep regardless of whether there is a demand for the products those extra people would create, ” he said.

Nax said MOCK’s members are firmly in bed with those who argue that “supply side” economics are the keys to economic success.  “We believe that if our taxes are so low that we can hire more people to produce things, Missourians will benefit from having more of those things to buy and they’ll be willing to buy them because the prices will be lower because our taxes are low,” he said.

MOCK argues that demand for those products is irrelevant as long as the company is allowed to pay the smallest amount of taxes possible.  “Supply and demand is an outmoded economic theory that says business will flourish if it makes things people want to buy,” Nax observed in his address to MOCK stockholders during their annual five-day four-night meeting in the Caribbean aboard the Capitalist Cruise Lines flagship, Mucho Dinero.  “We will remind our lawmakers that we are one of the reasons they are in the positions they now hold and impress upon them the importance of taking actions that will benefit us today and might benefit the people of Missouri someday,” he concluded.
“After all, we know better how to spend our tax money than they do, and we want more of our tax money.”

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