Thank you, Speaker Jones

Speaker Tim Jones released a statement this afternoon about the modifications in the House Press Gallery that we have explored for the last week. We appreciate the Speaker’s decision and look forward to working with him on issues relating to the protection and restoration of our greatest state symbol.

Statement from Speaker Tim Jones on House Press Gallery Space

“As we have continued to review plans to better utilize the significant amount of unused and available space in the fourth floor gallery behind the Speaker’s dais, it has become apparent there is insufficient time before session begins to complete the proposed improvements in a way that respects and protects the historic House Chamber. At this time I have suspended all construction efforts and instructed the House Operations Director to restore the gallery to its original condition.

Due to time constraints, this particular proposal will be tabled for now, although it is important to acknowledge, as we have, the pressing need for additional office space, which we continue to be challenged by, that has existed for many years for both legislators and staff. All members and employees of the House will continue to search for ways to better utilize the Capitol, which will in turn assist all of us in better assisting all of the citizens of Missouri. I want to specifically thank the members of the media who offered their constructive comments, suggestions and assistance throughout this matter and we very much appreciated the dialogue. As part of that process, the enhanced facilities for the media on the north side House Chamber Gallery will continue. We will continue to study these issues in the months ahead as we strive to do our best to meet the operational needs of the House.”

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