We remember when Claire McCaskill was a lady.  And we remember when Todd Akin was a gentleman.  Both served time in the Missouri House where McCaskill was the “Lady from Jackson” and where Akin was the “Gentleman from St. Louis County.”  House rules forbid members from referring to each other by first names during debate.

We’re not going to pile on to Todd Akin for his comment our Mike Lear recorded during a capitol news conference yesterday that Claire McCaskill isn’t as “ladylike” in her campaign against him as she was in her campaign against Jim Talent six years ago.  Plenty of other people are waiting for Akin to give them the next quote that can rocket through Twitter and Facebook and all the other social media that are out there and then rocket back with all kinds of opinions for cargo.  And “ladylike” was one of those verbal rockets.

We just thought we should recall a time when Akin was a gentleman and McCaskill was a lady.

It was a long time ago.  And the world was more innocent

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