Are you ready for some football?

Some people are going to be looking to our Missourinet reporters and our colleagues on the Capitol press corps to offer some penetrating insights within the next few days about what the legislative session ending today amounted to.

But we’re too tired to ponder that right now. This bunch has worn us out. However, we have been slightly invigorated by news that St. Louis is getting a new professional football team. So if the Rams find some other city willing to spend the equivalent of half of the national debt to provide them with enough special rooms where the one percent can drink old wine and snack on only the priciest hors d’oeuvres, and leave the dome vacant, it won’t be vacant for long. A possible  replacement team is soon to make a modest beginning in St. Charles.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s welcome the visiting teams of the Lingerie Football League:  The Los Angeles Temptation. The Seattle Mist. The Tampa Breeze. The Philadelphia Passion.

Here comes the Chicago Bliss!  Or the Orlando Fantasy. How about the Baltimore Charm, Toronto Triumph, Green Bay Chill, and the Cleveland Crush. Watch out for the helmets of the Minnesota Valkyrie. And then there’s the Las Vegas Sin.

The LFL does not have a name for the St. Louis team yet. It’s looking for public suggestions.

Control yourselves, guys.

Tryouts will be held June 17th.  The games will be in the St. Charles Family Arena.  But if the dome becomes available…

This thing could be big.

We checked the LFL website when we heard about this to see what kind of uniforms these teams wear.   One picture indicates they wear shoulder pads and helmets.  The rest of the uniform?   You know how the ladies dress for Olympic beach volleyball games?   The LFL uniforms are a little more modest than that.   Guess where the numbers are.

You can buy game-worn uniforms.

Control yourselves, guys.

The St. Louis team is to start playing for the 2013 season.

It should be at least as exciting as Roller Derby.

P. S.  The NFL might want to pay attention to the LFL.  It probably could cut down on injuries if the NFL players had similar uniforms.

Control yourselves, girls.

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