Bless the Press

The Missouri Press Association and the Associated Press had their annual “Day at the Capitol” for newspaper folks from throughout the state yesterday. It gives editors a chance to meet with newsmakers — in this case legislators and others pushing hot-button issues in this election year and perhaps at the ballot box. They always invite not-newspaper and non-AP clients to take part, a great courtesy we very much appreciate.

Part of the meeting each year is lunch at the Governor’s Mansion and a news conference with the governor.

We want to publicly thank the MPA and the AP for including us and other press corps members from the Capitol. It’s the first general news conference the governor has held in Jefferson City in about five months.

One might almost think he was trying to ignore the capitol press corps.

I invited the MPA and the AP to come back more often. It might be the only way we get another session like that with the governor for a long time to come

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