Former Missourinet’er Steve Walsh engaged

Steve Walsh, the former curator of the Missourinet blog, used to talk about getting a dog because bachelorhood was kind of a lonely existence.   Our friend Steve is no longer lonely — nor is he looking for a dog.

He has passed along word that he has proposed “to my best friend, Sara R. Dickson, and she said ‘yes!'”

We haven’t talked to Steve in a while and we’re kind of afraid to talk to him now because–as anyone knows who knows Steve — he was vaccinated with a phonograph needle.  And we’re sure that he’ll be so excited about this that he’ll quickly become a verbal inundation.

He reports on his Facebook page that he and Sara grew close while working in tornado recovery in Joplin. He and Sara say they’re thinking of getting married in Joplin.

Steve is now the spokesman for Congresswoman Vicki Hartzler. Sara is the program and outreach manager for the National Newspaper Association.

Sara’s sister used to work for our company and was a favorite person because she was so nice.  And because she kept chocolate in her candy dish.

Congratulations Steve and Sara!   We wish you a long and blessed life together.

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One thought on “Former Missourinet’er Steve Walsh engaged

  1. Congratulations to Steve and Sara! What a well matched pair. Best wishes to the both of you.

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