The Department of Public Safety sent us a news release today telling us Wednesday is “Winter Weather Awareness Day.”   It’s a joint project of the National Weather Service, the state department of health and senior services, the State Emergency Management Agency and local emergency managers.

Every week we become aware, thanks to news releases, of one kind of “awareness week” or “awareness day:” or another.  We are waiting for a news release tells us of a 5k run or a demonstration on the capitol lawn of Hangnail Awareness Week or Ingrown Toenail Awareness Week or some other worthy week or day.  Each week seems to be accompanied by a ribbon worn on the lapel or the collar of a blouse or somewhere else prominent.

One of the great challenges of awareness weeks and days must be picking out the ribbon color that does not confuse people about what we’re supposed to be aware of.  .

The other day we were talking in the newsroom about two weeks of recognition that have gone unrecognized.  Until now.  People probably are not aware of the need for these awareness weeks. We are here to make you aware of them.

Imagine a sizeable group of people wandering the halls of the capitol and wearing Puce ribbons.  They were there for their organization’s “lobby day.”    Only problem was that the legislature was not in session.  These people are at the capitol to observe “Unawareness Awareness Day.”

We have decided in the newsroom that too many people don’t take part in these events because they don’t know they are happening or are scheduled to happen.  The crowd for Unawareness Awareness Day certainly would have been larger except people were unaware of unawareness awareness day. Therefore the Missourinet is preparing to sponsor an “Awareness of Awareness Week” 5k run to promote the need to be aware of awareness weeks.  We were going through an old trunk full of material our mother bought in the 1970s and we found some polyester that we think will be in no danger of duplicating the colors of any of the other awareness week or day ribbons that we see at the capitol.


We’ll announce the date and place for the event as soon as we’re aware of available dates and places after people who have those places become aware of our interest.

The problem is this:  We need to hold our “Awareness of Awareness Week” 5K run so that those people in charge of those places are aware of our need for a place to have our “Awareness of Awareness Week” 5K run.

We are compiling a list of media organizations of which we are aware to send out our news release.

Be aware.

The world needs more Wares.

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