It’s after Labor Day

One of the first things University of Missouri School of Journalism professors pounded into the thick heads of my contemporaries and I was, “Don’t assume a damned thing!”  Forgive me, professors, for I have sinned.  And so have several of my fellow reporters.  Peter Kinder is to blame.  He led us into temptation.  And some of us succumbed.

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder had promised in August that he would be announcing his future political plans after Labor Day.

Well, it’s after Labor Day.

Quite a big after Labor Day, in fact.

We had kind of assumed he would announce, you know, after Labor Day.  Like within a few days after Labor Day.  But after Labor Day he clarified his statement.  After Labor Day meant any time after Labor Day.  And that could be a lot of time after Labor Day.

Plus he says he’s been sick.

Respiratory infection.

As long as he’s still considering his possible candidacy, other possible Republican candidates for Governor are reluctant to make a move.  And the longer he waits, the more the hot story that caused personal and political discomfort in July and August and suggestions that other people run cools.

All of this is okay.  Peter Kinder has had his eye on a big prize, the governorship, for some time.  Life  got real complicated a couple of months ago.  People who have dreamed big dreams don’t decide whether to give them up or to keep chasing them on other people’s schedules.

Labor Day  is gone.  Halloween is the next special day that marks a specific calendar point. Next time we see him, we’ll ask if he’ll have something after Halloween. We would have asked him earlier but the state senate, in which he is the presiding officer as Senate President, has not been meeting as a body since September 23rd.

So, we’ll just have to take it holiday by holiday.



New Years.

All of them are after Labor Day.

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