Will Missouri stay in the Big 12?


Maybe not.

The Tigers will play football and basketball and a bunch of other sports next year.  Millions of dollars will be involved.   Golden Girls will do whatever they do.  Truman the Tiger will strut along the sidelines. Mike Kelly will tell us that some player will take something to the house, or a basketball will go “bang” when it slips through the net with hardly a sound. Some people will drive around with fake tiger tails sticking out of their trunks.

There are more important things to talk about.

One of these days, the Golden Girls and Truman the Tiger will be old enough to qualify for Medicare if it still exists.

In times when taking it to the house is far less important than being taken to The Home, does it make any difference what athletic conference the University of Missouri belongs to?

We’re happy to let our sports folks report on that issue that seems to consume more of the public discourse than issues that have a much more direct impact on each of us.  In fact, the Missourinet is rooting for resolution of this issue.  So:

Go Tigers!


So more important things might be discussed at the water cooler.

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