Why don’t you kids go play outside?

Oh, Lord. The kids are already at it.

Governor Nixon uses a state airplane to go to all kinds of places to get some face time with the folks at state expense. Lieutenant Governor Kinder has gone places to get some face time with the folks and has stayed in hotels at state expense.

Both political parties have expressed outrage. Both political parties are in a froth about the profligacy of the other party’s guy’s travels. The news releases from the Rs and the Ds reaching the Missourinet are brimming with umbrage.

Look what you did!
You did it, too!
Yeah, but yours is worse!
No it’s not!
Yes it is!
Is not!
Is so!
Well… well, you’re just a smarmy, sneaky politician!
Well… well, YOU’RE a DOUBLE smarmy, sneaky politician!
Am not!
Are too!

Sounds like some people need a time out in a corner somewhere. Already. And we’re still 18 or 19 months away from the November, 2012 election.

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