We’re in. And we’re not going out until the vending machine in the basement runs out of Pop Tarts or our copious supplies of Girl Scout Thin Mints runs out. (Every year we buy a case of thin mints and store them under our desk, parceling them out as rewards to the staff for extraordinary work. There are three cases under there now. The oldest is dated 2003 and the cookies are still yummy. They keep well at regular room temperature. Freezing only dries them out and makes them stick together).

Loaded up the car with a sleeping bag, two days of clean clothes, two books to read and one to index so it can come out in late April, some foodage wife Nancy made sure we packed, even a towel and a washcloth.

We’re pitching camp at the Missourinet for the duration.

Brent Martin just walked in and said, “Thirty years ago I chose the wrong profession. And it’s too late.” Well, as the commercial for products Brent and I don’t use once said, “You wanted the life of an active reporter.”

We’ve told Ryan Famuliner, who lives between Jefferson City and Columbia to stay at home today. He plans to journey out to a gas station/convenience store later and interview some people who for one reason or another have not stayed at home. Jessica Machetta has gotten her old Jeep that she bought on ebay a couple of years ago out of storage. So the Missourinet will be on the air no matter what. Sports director Bill Pollock is getting a motel room about a half-mile from our studios tonight. Hope he can get back in the morning to do his sports.

The engineers made sure our generator’s fuel tank is full.

The legislature’s going to meet today but a lot of committee meetings have been cancelled, especially those that would have had people travel to testify. We can monitor floor debate from our studios here.

This is going to be the biggest snowfall here at our studios in about twenty years. The last time we had a snow like this, our sales department had gone to the Bahamas for a sales retreat. You won’t believe the kinds of hell they caught when they got back.

So here we are at Camp Missourinet, settling in and making memor

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