Who would you like to be?

If you could be somebody famous or a movie or television star or somebody else in the public eye, who would you be?

The Washington Missourian ran a little piece on Tuesday, the 18th, that gave us a little insight into the thinking of some teenagers and led us to our own thoughts. Four students at four different schools shared the byline.

Alison Dunaway at Francis Howell High School in St. Charles County would like to be Kate Middleton, the fiancé of Prince William to find out if life as a princess is like the movies. “Are there princess lessons…?” she asked. She also wants to snoop in “all of the hidden nooks and crannies of Buckingham Palace” and find out of the English really do drink all that much tea.

David Mann at Washington High School, who wants to be a journalist, would like to be CNN’s Anderson Cooper because Cooper “always seems to find a fresh angle of the story…is always conversational and honestly seems interested in the stories he covers.”

Fellow Washington HS student Kathleen Dusseault, thinks it would be fun to be Morgana from the TV show “Merlin.” Morgana is evil towards Camelot but Kathleen would like to make her “somehow forgiving.”

And then there’s Chris Klenke at Pacific High School. He’d like to be Calvin from the now-defunct Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. Chris likes Calvin’s “bountiful imagination” and his “divine ingenuity.” Chris says Calvin will always be his hero “because of the excitement and, sometimes, joy he brings to the table.”

Gosh, we like Chris’s answer. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a princess or a journalist (you bet, there’s nothing wrong with being a journalist!) or being a better Morgana. But bringing joy to the table is something special. We sometimes need a little dose of Calvin in our sometimes Morgana world.

Thanks to the Washington Missourian for sharing these ideas.

Maybe all of us grownups need to ask the question these high school students answered.

And then become the better persons those characters are.

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