Slurpee Summit ‘Unity Tour’ gives Missouri a brain freeze

“Power to the Purple” is Slurpee’s newest flavor, and everyone between Dallas and D.C. gets to try it.

Including me.

As my family and I were on our way to Shryrock’s corn maze Sunday, we stopped to fuel up on Missouri Boulevard in Jefferson City. We saw a brigade of brightly colored tour vans parked nearby. I did a double take. And then I yelled — “IT’S THE SLURPEE SUMMIT!”

Ever since President Obama said on Nov. 3 that he’d like to meet with new Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner over a Slurpee (view video on ABC), the public and the press have jokingly referred to the upcoming “Slurpee Summit.” Well, for 7-11 and Slurpee, it’s no joke.

Spokeswoman Laura Gordon says the Slurpee Unity Tour 2010 hit the road to bring people together and make them feel good.

The flavors? Well, there’s red, blue, and Power to the Purple. People are encouraged to help themselves and have a free slurpee.

Some are purists, going for straight red or blue, others are looking for a good mix and blend the two (like my children) and still others can be adventurous and try the Purple to the People.

This reporter, in efforts to maintain journalistic objectivity, went with the purple. Well, that, and I’m a sucker for grape.

I agree with tour organizers that no one can feel bad when they’re sucking on a Slurpee. And after a grueling week of electioneering, mud slinging, spin doctors and finger pointing, we could all use a dose of refreshing sugary stuff.

And as for the brain freeze, I’m pretty sure we all felt that about 2 a.m. Nov. 3. At least us non-partisan purple reporter types.

Slurpee says no word yet from Obama or Boehner as to whether they’ll get to install self-serve machines in the White House or the nation’s Capitol.

Follow the tour on Slurpee’s Facebook page.

P.S., if you press your tongue to the roof of your mouth, the brainfreeze will go away. Not sure that’s going to work to make the pain go away for the Democrats though.

Jessica interviews 7-11 / Slurpee’s Laura Gordon [Mp3, 4:14 min.]

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