Steve Walsh hospitalized

We know a lot of fans of Steve Walsh, the former proprietor of the Missourinet blog, would want to know he’s in a Jefferson City hospital.

Steve went into the hospital a couple of weeks ago for a hernia repair and doctors wound up also removing his appendix and some of his lower intestine after finding a situation much more serious than the hernia. He then developed an infection requiring a second surgery.

Steve sent us an email last week saying “I’m a survivor. But I’m a survivor in a lot of pain.” Our blog editor, Steve Mays, dropped in on the other Steve yesterday at St. Mary’s Hospital and says he’s getting tired of being in the hospital and dealing with continuing complications from these surgeries.

Steve went into the hospital just after taking a job as communications director the campaign of House Budget Chairman Allen Icet, who’s running for state auditor. He’s a good guy and we hope this siege comes to an end soon and he regains his vigor and always-good spirits.. Although we don’t know of any visitor restrictions, a horde is probably too many. But he does get and answer emails and appreciates kind thoughts.

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